DappBirds is a decentralized application service platform that integrates app application discovery, media promotion, and professional data analysis services.
    The service we provide
    Dapp app release and evaluation
    DappBirds is a blockchain application distribution platform. It is the first time to include the mainstream public chain's Dapp , and through multi-dimensional data analysis for Dapp evaluation, so that users can understand Dapp more clearly
    Dapp data analysis and ranking
    DappBirds accesses the complete data of the mainstream public chain, according to the user activity of the Dapp , the Txs amount and other list data, let you find the most valuable Dapp
    Dapp project consulting and incubation
    DappBirds can provide professional Dapp design and technical consulting services, product promotion and data tracking after the launch of the product, media confession and investor docking services to help developers build a Dapp faster and better